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Debater of issues and loather of partisan hacks. I don't believe as of today that either party in our two-party system is being true to our founding principles. Both parties today have authoritarian streaks prevalent in the leadership. j

I am a big admirer of Ayn Rand. I believe, as Ayn Rand did, that the smallest minority in this world is the individual. The individual is under heavy attack today, especially as the forces of socialism, fascism and altruism are on the ascendancy in the United States. This inspires me to write whenever the rights of the individual are violated though it is done in benign ways (only because the laws of the land protect us and not because Congress and the government are any less tyrannical than a dictatorship) .... like reduction of the right to the fruits of his labor, or the duty imposed on him by his tyrannous brethren (via the government) to (ostensibly) take care of the sick, poor, the aged.

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